Neem oil: properties and benefits for skin and hair

Neem oil: properties and benefits for skin and hair. Do you know all the positive things you can bring neem oil both your skin and your hair? Discover them, because they are many and most beneficial.

Neem oil, like other natural substances such as argan oil, applies both centuries cosmetic and Ayurvedic medicine, proceeding from the leaves and fruit of a plant called Azadirachta indicates that in countries like Burma and India. At nourishing and moisturizing properties, we must add their antiinflammatory and antibacterial powers, in short, everything a treasure that nature gives us.

Neem oil: properties and benefits

Nature gives us treasures, which are vital for our Health, but also for our beauty, and one of them is this Neem oil.

East “treasure” It has a centuries-old tradition in the field of cosmetics and ayurvedic medicine, proceeding from a plant called Azadirachta indica, found in eastern countries, with antiviral and antibacterial properties, antiparasitic. Having a strong concentration and strength, often diluted with essential oils, such as coconut oil.

Neem oil has a potent moisturizing thanks to your high in vitamin E and fatty acids, make this product an excellent compound creams for both the face or body, antioxidants and anti-aging.

If you have problems oily and prone to dandruff hair, with often irritated scalp, neem oil may be the natural remedy that you like, either using a hair oil that contains, or directly pure, using the hair. Another idea is to apply a mask with this Neem oil and let it work during a half an hour. Even if you prefer something faster, do not hesitate and take a few drops of this oil in your regular shampoo, then wash your hair with it (the indicative amount would be about 5 ml. Of oil per 100 ml. Of shampoo).

Neem oil, as already indicated above, it is very moisturizing, rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, so it is most recommended for dry and tired, helping reconstitute elasticity antiaging effect. Even for acne, this oil can be a good choice, thanks to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, making it useful to fight pimples and blackheads, like many other natural products, which are most efficient.

Another application of this neem oil is to apply after hair removal, because it helps prevent stretch marks, massaging in a circular motion the most critical areas of the body.

Do not hesitate, try neem oil and you’ll see your own body, all the benefits and properties you have for your skin and hair, did we tell you the results?

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