postvacacional Depression: Tips to overcome

postvacacional Depression: Tips to overcome it. Discover the best way to deal with this problem and its symptoms to start again with much more energy and positivity.

Insomnia, anxiety, stress and even exhaustion and lack of concentration are some of the symptoms that accompany called postvacational syndrome. Return to work and daily routine after the holidays do not always feel good, so it is important not to take to the light signals our body sends us, as some mild symptoms, if measures are not taken, they may result in a serious health problem or a depression.

Return to work and to assume the responsibilities of family and home is not always easy, especially after enjoying a well deserved holiday or a few days of relaxation to forget the rush, problems and, above all, the alarm clock.

In some cases, the back, far from being easy, can become a health problem which it is accompanied by a general malaise. It is what is called post-holiday syndrome whose symptoms are lack of concentration, loss of appetite, insomnia, behind that in 7 of 10 cases there is depression, stress, irritability, anxiety and even fatigue.

Symptoms of post-holiday syndrome are passengers and usually disappear within several days or a week (depending on how long they have lasted vacation), but how to overcome it?

  1. Input, experts advise regain our usual pace and our responsibilities gradually, for example, returning from vacation a few days before to organize the house, leaving nap to recover the usual hours of going to bed at night, or putting the alarm clock at a reasonable hour during the week prior to the return to work. Definitely, Organize your schedule not assume all the responsibilities of stroke.
  2. It is important to maintain Healthy habits, both in the chapter on food, not skipping meal times, or eating the recommended hours, for example, as performing some physical activity either moderate or something stronger, depending on your form.
  3. Likewise, it is important reserve time for our leisure time, precisely what we miss most when holidays end, organizing some out with friends or partner after work, leaving time for reading, music and cinema. Plan your free time and do not give up some activity you like.
  4. And most importantly, keep a positive attitude and separate work from family life or personal, everything has its time and place and can not bring home work problems and vice versa.

The post-holiday syndrome, if not treated early, it can lead to a more serious problem, as a depression, you have to know the symptoms, so if you notice that you discomfort lasts too long, it may be advisable to visit a specialist to help you get through it.

We hope these little tips much more bearable your return to routine, less than what you expect will come back days off to enjoy with your family.

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