Quitting smoking Side Effects Body

Quitting: Side effects for the body. The effects caused directly or indirectly by tobacco They are one of the leading causes of death in Spain and in general, in Western countries. Thus, give up smoking It is a very important decision that is beneficial to your health in the short and long term, but be aware that it is very hard for there to be ready process. Taking this decision will always come out winning though to do so, you should know the side effects that can cause your body to quit smoking.

The anti-smoking law has made many people take this step in Spain. Trying to quit snuff is a difficult process that requires a lot of willpower and strength, although the benefits are always greater than the side effects it can have. However, it is important to know to deal with this path with better training and awareness of what is going to be.

First, you should know that the degree to achieve these side effects depends on how long you’ve been smoking and how many cigarettes you smoke a day, so that those who carry on this habit a long time and consume more than one pack a day it will be more difficult for those who smoke fewer cigarettes and is a recent smoker.

The Nicotine withdrawal It has some negative impact on our state.

  • Lack of concentration, especially in the hands. Also we will notice a sense of lack of rest we will be tired much of the day, especially at first.
  • He insomnia It is also an effect of quitting smoking, which is related to anxiety and irritability caused.
  • The sequel to the most referred to is that of fatten. This is because the anxiety we have makes us substitute the consumption of snuff by eating sweets, junk food or increase our daily food rations, which makes greatly increase caloric intake.
  • It is also normal continuous cough, runny nose and even, aphonia. The first two are caused by tar wanting to clear his throat, and the third is the direct consequence of the other two.
  • Typically feel tired and with body ache and shoelaces.
  • The psychological effects They are also very abundant and among them are mainly being depressed or sad, anxious and irritable.

As you can see, quitting smoking is not easy, but what is certain is that when you get it, will greatly improve your health and that of those around you. If you really want to get that, there are no side effects that can stop you.

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