Quitting smoking with electronic cigarette: Performance and Prices

Quitting smoking with electronic cigarette: Performance and Prices. The electronic cigarette does help. So says the first clinical trial investigates whether electronic cigarettes, whose use has not been without debate are an ally to quit smoking. And the answer is yes, the electronic cigarette-a substitute of the nicotine, the main factor addictive tobacco can not only help reduce consumption cigarette, but to abandon definitively. More than 300 smokers participated for one year in this study. 13% managed to leave the snuff and more than half significantly reduced their consumption. How does it work ?, where to find it? And what is your price?

Do we really operate electronic cigarettes? The question has sparked a debate over whether the electronic cigarette can be a substitute for nicotine when leaving snuff, one of the best decisions we can make for our Health. Question researchers have tried to answer with the first clinical trial with smokers. More than three hundred participants also shared the fact of not having thought about quitting snuff. However, 13% managed to leave the snuff using electronic cigarettes, a habit after a year had not recovered. And it’s not the only interesting thing that throws this study-published in Plos One and directed by the Italian University of Catania-, since more than half of participants reduced consumption of snuff after starting to use these electronics devices that emulate the steam nicotine, but without the dangerous content tar Y carbon monoxide.

As they have stressed the authors of the study, the percentage of abandonment of snuff using electronic cigarettes was similar to those obtained with the use of medicines. What has not been compared it is effective against gum or patches, replacement products best known nicotine. A product that, to have the results of the study, it can be considered as a tool help and control of snuff, whose harmful effects on health are well known.


The first time we heard about electronic cigarettes was in 2004, although its popularity in our country came along with the approval of the anti-smoking law that leaves smoke-free public facilities. The electronic cigarette is a device battery which, as we have seen, replaced snuff smoke steam. When inhaled, it helps smoker to control their nicotine dependence and prevents lights a cigarette.

When inquiring about Benefits electronic cigarette as a stimulus to leave the snuff, the participants were randomly divided into three groups. The first of them were given electronic cigarette with a cartridge of 7.2 milligrams of nicotine. The second group received the same cigarette smokers, but after some time they reduced the dose of nicotine to 5.4 milligrams. The third group received electronic cigarettes without nicotine, only flavored snuff. At the end of the study, the results found that 13% of smokers first-that group, those who had more received- amount of nicotine, no longer smoked. A percentage in the second group was 9% and 4% in the third group. Furthermore, in the first two groups of reduced consumption snuff (between 9 and 12%) between continued smokers it was also found.

The final conclusion is that the electronic cigarette smokers can provide a low dose of nicotine, without other harmful substances, to help reduce dependence and finally quit smoking. In other words, the electronic cigarette is also a tool for therapies nicotine replacement.


Available in pharmacies, drugstores and specialty stores, the price of electronic cigarette round between 30 and 60 euros, depending on brands and kits (If we buy only the rechargeable cigarette or also include the battery, charger Y Replacement cartridges without nicotine). For its part, each cartridge provides for an average of 600 inhalations (The price ranges between 6 and ten euros). A price that although may seem high, it is not so much when compared to the spending we do monthly snuff and think it is a investment to finally quit.

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