Roaccutane treatment: Blogger shows its evolution

Acne can be much more than an aesthetic problem because in cases where it is more severe may even affect emotional level the sufferer, damaging self-esteem and confidence. Although there are new and effective treatments to prevent acne and to remove signals that may remain in the skin, in some cases, acne stand up and show off a beautiful and radiant skin can become a complicated struggle. Through networks, Katie Snooks, 28, has told his experience and shown the evolution with Roaccutane treatment, one of the best known medicines to stand up to more severe acne and that precisely is often used when other drugs do not work. A surprising development, just as attested images. The Roaccutane should always be used under prescription dermatologist.

The truth is that for this young and beautiful London blogger the condition of your skin had become a serious problem, after almost ten years with acne problems, so he decided to start following a treatment with Roaccutane, but instead of waiting to see the results decided it would be interesting document its evolution. Not only to observe the course of the weeks were improving their skin, but also to try to help others with the same problem. The fact dare to stand up and show the imperfections of the skin that causes acne, it is a valuable example because one of the consequences psychologically acne is to make people retracted display and try to go unnoticed. Acne is a skin problem and it should be remembered that can be treated, and they tell that to Katie Snooks.

Effects of treatment with Roaccutane

The Roaccutane is not a medicine that should be taken lightly, as it can lead to some side effects to consider before starting treatment (chapped lips, nosebleed, increased risk of skin burns, liver problems&# 8230;). Hence the importance of always consult your doctor. It is also a prolonged treatment (Depending on the severity of acne), for example in the case of Katie Snooks it has been extended for six months. The results are not immediate, just as attested images, but begin to appear about six weeks. You can even appear before the acne worse. This is because the first thing the medicine is to remove excess fat, which can lead to serious outbreaks of acne temporary. In the final image we can see the results of treatment.

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