Self-massage to relieve stress

    Relaxation techniques and automassages They can help mitigate the signals themselves accumulation of tensions (Increased irritability, loss of concentration, muscle strain) which, added to the stress and concerns, They make us suitable candidates for the annoying headache. When it comes to transient pain before resorting to the medicine cabinet to mitigate the inconvenience, we can apply some natural resources they can be very effective. The automassages, in particular, can be a relief to relax and calm the incipient headache. In just a few minutes get defusing tension. How do self-massage? Let’s look at three simple massage.

    1. Self-massage side

    We stand standing, or sitting with your back straight and your legs uncrossed. Thumbs placed on the head just above the ears, and fingers up to the temples. We perform a gentle massage with your fingers following the direction of clockwise. It is important that the environment is quiet, and if the light bothers us, soothe and even turn it off.

    2. Front Self-massage

    In the same position as above, put your thumbs and pressed for a few seconds in the end zone of the eyebrows, while with ring fingers massage the central part of the face, in the area between the eyebrows. Right there is considered that there is a strategic point to mitigate the stress and headache.

    3. Self-massage cervical

    We lay on the floor on a rug or mat, placing a small ball at the back of the head above the neck. This simple exercise is to let the ball slide smoothly on the part of the cervical neck.

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