Snuff: Are effective gum and nicotine patches?

Snuff: Are effective gum and nicotine patches? Quitting smoking is certainly one of the most beneficial decisions for our Health. However, quit and nicotine addiction it is not always easy and in some cases it is necessary to have support or replacement therapy. Among the products give up smoking the patches and nicotine gum, which have been studied and the conclusion is that in the long term, are not all that effective smoker I would like.

Leave the snuff is one of the healthy New Year’s resolutions for the vast majority of smokers. Turn the last cigarette possible and forget about nicotine is possible. If will power is not enough, one can resort to the so-called replacement therapy nicotine. Therapies or products to help quit smoking, nicotine gum and patches in particular, which have been studied by the Center for Global Control of Snuff of Harvard University in collaboration with the University of Massachusetts, and whose conclusions drawn, in the long term are not as effective as believed. A effectiveness who doubt even when combined with other therapies advice and help to quit smoking.

He study, in which nearly 800 smokers participated, analyzed their evolution over a period of six years, taking into account the replacement nicotine they had used (patches, gum, sprays, nicotine inhalers) product, the time and the other options that had resorted to quit. The results, according to this study, does not seem to leave room for doubt: one-third of those who had stopped smoking these products again fall into the habit of snuff, regardless of the duration of replacement therapy and whether they had counted in addition to advice. clinical trial which, according to its authors, you should open the door to continue the study on the effectiveness of these alternative therapies as recommended generally to the population of smokers, especially considering that in some cases we are talking about products that are being used for several decades.

Data, moreover, have not surprised the experts smoking of our country. Thus, from the Spanish Society of Family Medicine and Community suggest that these replacement therapies (patches, gum …) are effective in some patients, individually, an efficiency that some studies relate to their cost (lower than other products) . Currently, replacement therapies with which we in Spain are patches, gum, tablets shaped candies and nasal spray, whose functions are avoided syndrome dependence nicotine after deciding to quit.

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