sore neck: recommended exercises and postures [VIDEOS]

sore neck: exercises and postures recommended. It seems incredible but cervical problems are one of the great evils that we face all people. While it is true that adults and older people suffer most from these problems none are exempt with forbearing. To avoid as far as possible we have these pains that she also affect the head, dizziness and lightheadedness we need to make some daily exercise and be aware that posture is important to prevent any damage.

Sometimes we have forgotten and we do not realize the true importance care for our vertebrae and as a result our neck.

In the same way we do exercises to strengthen our buttocks to show off sexy and toned, or even our arms to sagging that occurs over time as small as possible, we must also take care of other body parts while not are so aesthetic are caring for health reasons.

What are the most recommended to have a healthy neck posture?

Both the head and spine They must be balanced in the line of gravity. issues obesity, for example, they can make this balance is broken causing the lumbar curves and ridges such decompensate altering the cervical and also cause neck pain.

In children, for example, one of the cervical problems those who face the weight come loaded with backpacks, postures when studying and sleeping.

  • Postural recommendations:

Sleep should maintain a neck position as straight as possible. So that if you usually sleep on their backs, it is best to opt for a low pillow. While if sleep side should be a little higher, so that as stated above the neck remain straight.

When we’re sitting posture it is also very important, therefore recommending sit on high chairs whose backs are straight and the back is well supported on the backrest. Must avoid tilting the neck forward, so we must support the buttocks well too. Something that can help us to be more comfortable will use a small Banzo to place your feet.

What exercises can do to strengthen and improve our neck?

To do the exercises correctly you will be best to apply what you see in these illustrative videos. Remember do every day to avoid the dreaded neck pain:

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