Spotting before menstruation: Causes of pink flow prior to the rule

    Pink flow asspotting before menstruation It is, in most cases, normal. The changes in our body before the period are one of the Common causes of flow prior to the rule, but not the only one. You take them into account will help us better understand our body and solve some of the most common questions.

    The flow experience changes throughout the menstrual cycle, but, is it normal to spot before menstruation? Before the arrival of the first cycle is normal that, by themselves hormonal changes our body is experiencing losses occur because the woman’s body is still forming and needs to find the balance.

    1. Flow Function

    The flow consists of natural vaginal flora bacteria and secretions that have the primary function of clean and lubricate the intimate area prevent the proliferation of bacteria and other microorganisms harmful. Vaginal discharge is whitish, viscous texture, pink flow odorless or at least, without any unpleasant odor. During the menstrual cycle, the flow may suffer variations, so, for example, before and after the cycle can become denser, acquire a brownish color at cycle end or be heavier if the pill is taken.

    2. Speckled before menstruation: Causes

    The presence of spotting before menstruation can be caused by infections, some infections that occur prior flow to the rule are: Fungal infection, this infection is not transmitted through sexual intercourse and are more prone to contracting women taking the pill; the bacterial vaginosis, is the most common type of vaginal infection, and its presence causes the flow has a stronger smell, especially after maintaining relationships; sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, the infection produces a yellowish discharge and usually accompanied by bleeding between periods.

    3. Types of flow

    The usual flow is the normal or physiological flow who are all women, usually their production increases in periods of increased hormonal stimulation as during pregnancy, when taking contraceptives and the days before the menstrual cycle. He brown flow It is containing coagulated blood, usually treated remains of menstruation and appear larger amount prior to the rule and the last day. He yellowish discharge It is a sign of infection and is accompanied by itching. He white flow It is normal, but if it is thicker and is accompanied by odor may be due to vaginal infection.

    4. spotting before menstruation and pregnancy

    If you spots before menstruation and are not pregnant, the flow is similar to that we have during ovulation. The amount increases as the date approaches for the period. It may be a symptom of pregnancy, especially if they appear after maintaining intimate relationships. It is advisable to perform a pregnancy test to confirm or rule out a possible pregnancy. It is convenient to distinguish the brown flow that occurs before menstruation

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