Straighten hair at home with keratina

Home treatments: Alisa your hair with Keratin. This protein is becoming more used in the field of beauty. Discover How can you straighten your hair at home with simple steps Keratin Treatment.

What is Keratin

It is a protein produced by the body and any animal organism which accumulates in areas such as the nails, hair, and in some animals in horns, feathers and wool.

This protein that occurs naturally in our body, has become one of the great allies of aesthetics.

Keratin is the force responsible for printing the same parts of the body that produce it. In our body, keratin acts causing more consistency to our nails and giving greater elasticity, brightness, strength and resistance to twisting your hair. Conversely, the absence of Keratin causes hair loss and weakening.

But if there is a property for which the keratina has acquired prominence lately it is for its smoothing power. Hairdressing are many treatments that are applied to achieve straight hair. Precisely then aplicártelo’s how in your own home.

Home Tips: How to Straighten your hair with Keratin

Home Tips: How to Straighten your hair with Keratin

First of all you should ask yourself with a good shampoo and conditioner that gets completely eliminate fat from the scalp, dead cells and dirt from your hair.

Do we allow you some advice? We recommend that a few days before the start of treatment carry out repair work. But what is the goal of this treatment? Simply close the pores and improve your overall appearance, avoiding some of the areas from cracking or roughening present to prevent, therefore, an outstanding result.

Once you have applied this treatment is time, then wash hair thoroughly and towel dry. Then, you must apply the keratin. In doing so you have to be careful, helping a tint brush and comb. When you buy the keratina sure that does not contain formaldehyde.

Also, be careful that the keratina not come into direct contact with your skin or your eyes and, in addition, it is desirable that you apply the keratin in a ventilated area.

Once you have applied the Keratin, let it act until dry. It is important during this time do not move your hair and also keep it stretched while the Keratin acts. Once the hair has dried it is time to iron it. To do this, you can use a ceramic flat iron at its hottest for those tufts of hair finer adjustment. We recommend you start with the closest to the neck portion and continue with the farthest. Here are some of the best brands of plates to cause the least damage to your hair.

Once you have finished ironing work, it’s time to comb. But remember not to wash your hair until after at least 48 hours after smoothing.

If you want to know more secrets to apply in the best way the keratina notes the following tips. Also, do not miss the advantages and disadvantages of carrying out a keratin treatment.

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