Swollen belly: What’s the problem?

Swollen belly: What’s the problem? What causes after eating Note the swollen belly? It is what in medical terms, is called abdominal distension, and the main cause is the presence of gas in the digestive tract, which in turn it is motivated, among other reasons, by a overeating or unbalanced. Prevent and reduce inconvenience possible following a few simple dietary advice, made in this case by the Spanish Heart Foundation.

Besides annoying, swelling tummy after eating is a problem Health which may be caused by different Causes. Precisely detect the underlying cause, which in medical terms is called abdominal distension, is the first step for treatment. As experts say, this condition in most cases is caused by the presence of gas in the digestive tract. Excessive production may be due to bacterial fermentation of carbohydrates in the colon, a copious supply or bad habits when eating. They are not the only causes, because food intolerances can also explain the bloating, as well as aerophagia, involuntary swallowing air when drinking or eating.

Once diagnosed the causes, there are a number of dietary recommendations compiled by the Spanish Heart Foundation, which can help reduce discomfort.

  • Avoid eating chewing gums, of the carbonated drinks or eat fast (chewing every bite and drink slowly) will help avoid situations that produce swallowing excess air. It is also advisable to avoid drinking fluids with sherbet, talking while eating or chew with open mouth.
  • Avoid or limit food intake spicy. If we like to spice up the dishes, it is best to replace the other softer spicy and aromatic spices, to avoid irritation of the intestinal mucosa.
  • It is better to opt for methods preparation of the foods simpler, as boiled, grilled, steamed oven.
  • Should avoid fritters and meals too heavy or difficult to digest.
  • Yogurt is important to include in our daily diet as they are rich in beneficial bacteria for the balance of intestinal flora.
  • maintain a regular schedule food, it is advisable to make five meals a day. It is better to make several small meals day copious few meals.

Lack of exercise can also make us more vulnerable to suffer from bloating, so it’s smart to carry a active life and a varied and balanced diet. A healthy diet that, while we help you avoid constipation, one of the causes favoring the emergence of gases.

Symptom of celiac disease or intolerance

In some cases, bloating can be a symptom of pathology that causes intestinal inflammation, as it may be the case of celiac disease, lactose intolerance, gastric ulcer or irritable bowel syndrome. It is therefore advisable to always consult the doctor if it appears abdominal swelling or inflammation of the stomach, especially if persistent and is accompanied by other symptoms such as diarrhea, weightloss Y abdominal pain.

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