The best natural remedies to lift the spirits

Do you feel off, even sad, irritable and lack of motivation? Here are the best natural remedies for lift your mood and balance your emotions.

Did you know that the cold and lack of sunlight can affect our frame of mind? And it’s not the only cause that can be behind the mood slumps. Lack of vitamin B can also be behind the problem. For example, abuse the consumption of sweets, chocolates and sugary sodas can cause us to squander the B vitamins, vitamins have a huge impact on emotional balance. If you are more irritable, with mood swings, review your diet and spend the whole foods.

Similarly, abuse drinks such as coffee, tea or cola drinks can slow the absorption vitamin B, especially in stressed people, with symptoms such as fatigue and feeling sadness. The alcoholic drinks also interfere with our mood, among other reasons because they cause a loss of vitamins B1, B2 and B3, which also increases the risk of insomnia, Bad mood and tiredness.

Lift your spirits: Natural Remedies and Home

In the pantry we will find few allies, naturally, lift your spirits and say goodbye to sadness and the apathy. We note:

  • Infusion or infusion melissa: One tablespoon per cup of boiling water helps prevent low mood and vitality.
  • Infusion of saffron: Prepare an infusion with three strands of saffron per cup of water to help ward off symptoms of mild depression. Saffron extract can also be taken in capsule, alone or formulated with Rhodiola or tryptophan.
  • Wheatgerm: Add it to yogurt (one tablespoon per day) to lift the spirits. Besides being an exceptional source of Omega 3 and vitamins B, it is rich in magnesium, so it helps fight sleep problems, sadness and irritability. Follow a diet low in vegetables and whole grains makes us more vulnerable to suffer from a lack of this mineral.
  • Chia seeds: The lack of Omega 3 can make us more vulnerable to suffer from anxiety, while favoring the states of sadness. Chia seeds, like nuts are an exceptional source of this lipid. Another solution is to take fish oil beads.
  • rhodiola: It is a natural tonic, a remedy that helps our body in case of fatigue, weakness or lack of motivation. It can take infusion, combined with rosemary and savory.
  • Eleutherococcus: Helps meet the rigors of cold and prevents the feeling of sadness or stress.

Tryptophan supplements to lift the spirits

If the mood slumps are accompanied by problems falling asleep, excessive concerns or compulsive overeating, can resort to tryptophan supplements (Except in cases where you’re taking antibiotics, antidepressants or antihistamines). Tryptophan is a compound which, naturally, we provide foods such as dairy, legumes, nuts and grains. However, both stress and unbalanced diets, or consumption of alcoholic beverages, can severely lowering their levels. When taking supplements, do it with a food rich in vitamin B (banana, oatmeal cookies, nuts, milk …).

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