The best private hospitals in Spain: The ranking

They stand out for their efficiency in treating severe cases in different specialties. It is not easy, let alone be among the best, because the competition is strong. To do this, not only you have to have the recognition of the professionals themselves, but also of patients. The ranking of the best private hospitals in Spain that we present below is prepared taking into account the awards and positive ratings that the centers have received in recent years.

  1. University Clinic of NavarraIn a report by the OCU (Organization of Consumers and Users) in 2012 on the best hospitals in the country to treat severe cases in thirteen specialties, the University Clinic of Navarra was among the best in seven specialties (cardiology, neurology, ophthalmology, oncology, Paediatrics, Otorhinolaryngology, Urology). It consolidates positive assessment to be among the most valued by physicians in our country, as is clear from I Reputation Health Monitor (MRS) this year.
  2. Quirón Hospital in Madrid: Reputation Health Monitor also makes him one of the most highly valued, particularly by doctors.
  3. Ruber Internacional de Madrid: Included among the best centers in the country.
  4. Puigvert Foundation: Hospital de Barcelona, ​​one of the highest rated centers (top five) by the Reputation Health Monitor.
  5. Hospital Sant Joan de Deu: Located in Barcelona, ​​also it enjoys an excellent reputation.
  6. Clínica USP San Camilo (Madrid), included among the major private hospitals TOP.
  7. Hospitalier Chiron Valencia (Valencia). Like the above, the TOP 20 program has included it as one of the best large private hospitals. Classification company develops health information services Iasist comparing quality, performance and efficiency.
  8. Hospital Sanitas La Moraleja (Madrid), among the best private hospitals medium according to the TOP list IASIST consultancy.
  9. Hospiten South (Canary Islands), Like the above, among the most highly regarded in the category of medium-sized hospitals.
  10. USP Hospital San Carlos (Murcia). In the top of the medium-sized private hospitals.
  11. Hospiten Clinica Roca San Agustin (Canary Islands), at the top of the small private hospitals.
  12. Onyar Surgical Clinic S.L. (Girona), in the list of the best small private hospitals.
  13. Hospiten Estepona (Andalusia), among the best small private hospitals, according to consultancy IASIST

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