The best sunscreen spray and mousse [PHOTOS]

Sunscreen spray and mousse are perfect for summer as they apply in a very comfortable way and are usually fresher. The content of these sunscreens have the same benefits as a cream milk, for example. The only difference is the texture and the bottle. In stores you can find sunscreen spray and mousse with different SPF and various skin benefits. Discover with us the best sunscreen spray and mousse so you can protect your skin this summer.

sunscreen spray and mousse

Sunscreens spray and mousse They are a favorite of many women to protect their skin from the sun’s rays in summer. Such creams They have the same benefits as any sun cream. The spray and mousse are applied very easily and are more comfortable and quick to use a liquid sunscreen. These creams come in format and texture spray and mousse, and usually much cooler and pleasant to the touch (And application) than other products of the same family.

This type of sunscreen should be applied half an hour before sun exposure and replicate every three hours to avoid losing effectiveness. You should always choose a spray or mousse that suits your needs and your skin. Of course, you must also adapt to your skin phototype.

The best sunscreen spray and mousse

sunscreen mousse texture style. Source: Heliocare

In the shops you prune to find many types of sunscreen spray or mousse. Always choose a sunscreen that has SPF your skin needs and meeting the basic needs of a sunscreen. You can even opt for a solar spray with some special features: For oily, sensitive skin for, allergic skin, anti-aging&# 8230; Here are some of the best sunscreen spray and mousse of the season.

Body Mousse SPF30 High Protection Solar Th Pharma: sunscreen mousse new generation incorporating cutting-edge technologies in formulation of sunscreen filters achieving excellent cosmeticidad. This mousse combines protection and anti-cellulite action. Delidaca leaves a feeling of freshness, silky and invisible finish and contains tanning accelerator. with SPF30

Photoderm Spray SPF 30+ Bioderma: This highly protective spray systems stimulates skin self-defense. It has a surface protective activity against UVA / UVB. It also provides a true internal biological protection: the Bioprotection ™ Cell. This patent protects cells and DNA, while stimulates the immune system of the skin against the sun. Should be applied half an hour before sun exposure, and must reapply every 2 hours or more often after swimming, drying or sports activity.

Solar Cooling Mousse Protect & Piz Buin Cool®: Solar refreshing mousse that provides a pleasant feeling of freshness frozen. No alcohol to avoid drying out the skin. It has a moisturizing formula with non-greasy texture and light. Easy to apply and is absorbed quickly, leaving no white markings. SPF30 or SPF15 available.

Body Protector SPF30 Spray Clinque: sun spray oils without ultralight formula applied and is easily absorbed. It has a high level of protection UVA / UVB. It leaves a refreshing feeling and not greasy on the skin. It has a protection factor of SPF30. Spray format allows the application to the body easier and faster.

In our gallery you will see more sunscreen spray and mousse, do not miss it !. You may also be interested in: Sun creams with very high protection factor 50+ and 100+ and sunscreens for vegans.

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