The best yoga postures for stretching

Yoga is a discipline that numerous reports health benefits, both physically and emotionally. The relaxation accompanying exercises helps release tension already slacken muscles and joints. He yoga It is a good exercise to increase flexibility, agility, tone muscles, stimulate circulation and reduce pain. It also helps us to improve posture. Let’s see then what the best yoga postures for stretching and we can implement at home.


A stand for improve flexibility and strengthen legs, arms Y back. We stand standing with feet together and arms stretched along the body. Then we joined palms and rise above his head. We raised heels and, without bending your back, keep the position for a few seconds by raising the body everything we can.

baddha Konasana

This posture is done on the floor, bending knees and clasping soles. The back should be straight. We turned the body slowly forward, trying to touch the feet with his chest. Recovering the initial position after remaining few seconds and stretch his legs forward.

Kati Chakrasana

For this position waist twist, We stand standing, legs apart at the hips. We raise arms to both sides and moving only the trunk, we turn right while we play the right shoulder with his left arm. Then we took the right arm behind his back to try to reach out and touch the left hip. Hold for a few seconds and recovering the initial position.

Ardha Bhekasana

This posture is done lying on the floor. Gently bend your back backwards, placing your elbows under your shoulders. With his left hand trying to touch the right elbow. Then we bend the left leg with the heel trying to take the gluteus, helping with the left hand and keeping the weight on his right hand. Raise your head and hold the position for a few seconds. Repeat with the other leg.

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