Thermal water: why is good and which one to choose [PHOTOS]

Thermal water: why is good and which one to choose. What are the benefits of thermal water? The thermal water is one of the lesser known beauty products and more aesthetic properties. It is used both in the world of makeup as in beauty. They began to massively used in the backstage of fashion shows as a product to set the makeup. Do not miss our article today for all the benefits and advantages of thermal water!

First we try to answer a simple question: thermal water, what is it? To start the thermal water is to moisturize your face and your body at different times of day, and it is no coincidence that when we go to a spa, hot spring water is one of the protagonists of the best beauty treatments. The thermal water helps us to have visibly hydrated and smooth skin. The market introduction of thermal water spray (spray) has democratized the thermal water. There are a variety of brands on the market and have a spray container is especially easy to use and carry. In particular, the hot springs for the face have great benefits: Features may vary, but the most common thermal properties of water are excellent hydration that we provide in combination with other products such as makeup removers, face creams or tonics.

By having a spray or aerosol format It is perfect to carry around during the day and give freshness to the skin, especially in the warmer (or colder) seasons, when the skin tends to dry out. They are perfect for going to the beach and freshen up at any time. Even they are ideal for use after sunbathing, yes must be applied before after sun. Moreover calm redness Well, this is certainly one of the great benefits of thermal water. It is very suitable for sensitive or with problems like eczema, acne or skin blemishes. It is also used as a great fixer makeup. Experts advise vaporize a small amount on the face after applying the foundation helps create a natural makeup and very cool, while securing it.

The best known thermal water and a genuine best-sealed world of beauty is the Avène Thermal Spring Water, soothing and softening properties, and the absolute certainty of using a product that is bottled directly from the source therefore is particularly suitable for sensitive and allergic skin. Another very famous thermal water is Thermal water from La Roche-Posay, coming from rainwater seeping naturally in rocks located in deep and gaseous source. Has neutral pH and large mineral properties in addition to hydrate and soothe, also it prevents oxidation of the skin. Saves the thermal water in the fridge, and will be fresher and better guard their properties. Check out our photo gallery of various most beneficial hot springs.

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