thick white discharge: what does it mean?

    Worry, shame, discomfort&# 8230; The truth is rarely speaks openly of vaginal flowl, more or less dense physiological secretions occurring during the menstrual cycle. When we talk about thick white discharge, what does it mean? Today we solve some of the most common questions about the appearance of flow.

    Secretion of vaginal discharge occurs mostly before the menstrual cycle during ovulation period and the If the woman is pregnant. Although in most cases, the white discharge is something entirely natural, it should not play down. If it appears constantly can be indicative of vaginal infection, as it called candidiasis, an infection that requires medical treatment.

    1. What is the flow?

    Vaginal discharge, by definition, it is nothing but the mucus produced by the cervical canal with the specific purpose of protect the genital area of ​​possible external aggression as the emergence of bacteria and fungi. White, more or less dense and gelatinous texture flow often occurs accompanied by other symptoms those who have to pay attention as discomfort, itching and odor.

    2. physiological phenomenon

    When secretions flow are slim, thin, nearly transparent and sticky, are attributable to a physiological phenomenon such as secretions produced the days before ovulation and menstrual cycle. It is known as basal or normal flow and is not a problem for women but is a logical step in the protection of vaginal flora. In this case any symptom does not occur as itching or bad-smelling discharge.

    3. White flow as a symptom of pregnancy

    Leucorrhoea It can also be a symptom of pregnancy, appearing mainly in the early months of pregnancy. Even when everything goes smoothly, it is normal that at the beginning of pregnancy increase production flow to protect the uterus and especially the embryo possible germs.

    4. White flow as a sign of STD or infection

    The appearance of flow you can answer, in some cases, the appearance of an STD or a infection caused by a fungus (Candida albicans). In these cases, the cause can be derived from a imbalance of vaginal flora or other factors such as fatigue, poor personal hygiene or problems of tension and stress that are weakening the immune system. If you have doubts about the appearance of flow, in this article we tell you how to know if you have vaginal candidiasis and some remedies to relieve symptoms.

    5. Antibiotic treatment

    In cases of occurrence of flow caused by infection antibiotic treatment required. In addition to flow thick white colored, also produced other genital symptoms such as itching, pain during intercourse and burning sensation when urinating or burning. In these cases, it is advisable to consult a doctor but can also be relieve symptoms naturally with these remedies.

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