Tips to quit smoking and not gain weight in the attempt

Do you think quitting fat? It does not have to be this way. we tell 10 tips to quit snuff without gaining weight. Your health will thank you.

Quitting smoking is the best decision you can make for your Health. However, among the most common excuses among smokers is the fear of gaining weight when leaving the snuff. It is true that when you quit smoking, on average, you can expect to earn from 2 to 5 kilos, but this weight gain has its explanation and also can be avoided. Let’s see these issues more closely and more useful to combat withdrawal of snuff without gaining weight tips.

Quit smoking and not gain weight

The main reason is fattening to quit smoking is because it replaces the snuff for food, to placate anxiety and the urge to light a cigarette. Moreover, the tendency is to use foods with more sugar or fat, ie more calories. it is best to opt for sugarless gum or candy, for drinking water, natural juices or teas.

By quitting spend about 250 calories less, which are used by the body to removing toxins from snuff. increased blood sugar may also occur, so we can feel hungrier, especially midmorning. To avoid this, it is better to increase the number of daily meals, reducing rations each. Betting on more satiating food for main meals, such as vegetables.

10 tips to quit snuff and not gain weight

Need extra help? Put into practice some of these 10 tips to quit snuff without gaining weight:

  1. 5 meals a day. This helps to avoid snacking between meals.
  2. Include in your daily diet natural fruit juices, rich in vitamin C, and water.
  3. Exercise. It helps calm anxiety and opens the lungs to breathe better and eliminate toxins.
  4. Find a substitute for snuff low calorie, such as gum or candy. They should only be taken when there is anxiety about smoking, not abusing, because they can cause throat irritation.
  5. If you feel like smoking, Before doing so, wait 5 minutes and remember why you want to quit.
  6. Coffee substitutes and alcohol for juices and teas.
  7. Avoid stressful situations and discussions.
  8. Avoid sitting after eating and go for a walk.
  9. Avoid boring situations. With the mind occupied, it is thought less in snuff.
  10. Avoid excuses to relight a cigarette.

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