transparent and elastic flow in pregnancy: What does it mean?

He flow It can be defined as vaginal discharge which acts as a protective shield of the female genital area. The flow also is a good indicator of the time of menstrual cycle in which we find ourselves, especially to know the best days to get pregnant, as the flow changes with ovulation (Not only increases, but is more transparent and elastic). Changes in vaginal discharge that is going to continue producing during pregnancy.

Input, it is normal that any change that occurs in our body, especially if it is the first pregnancy, we generate doubts and even concern. Among these changes, we stop in vaginal discharge, which is normal to increase during the gestation period, and that slight changes in their appearance. To believe that all is well, this flow (or leucorrea) Should have an almost transparent white elastic texture and smell not fire. Actually, it is very similar to the regular vaginal discharge, although it is generated more. It should also be borne in mind that this flow during pregnancy, also exercised mucus plug to block the cervix and prevent the risk of infection in the fetus.

It is very important, not just during pregnancy, pay attention to any changes you experience vaginal discharge, as we can alert you to the presence of some kind of infection. If we detect any changes, should consult the doctor to know exactly the cause and adopt the most appropriate treatment.

During pregnancy, the hormonal changes and the increased flow, women are more vulnerable to suffer from vaginal infections. In these cases, the flow becomes more white, even yellow or green, and becomes more dense. Attention to other symptoms such as burning, redness or itching of the genital area. It may be an infection or a imbalance in the vaginal flora. It should also pay attention if the flow is accompanied by the presence of traces of blood drops. Especially during the second quarter, monitor blood loss as they can be a symptom of abortion.

Meanwhile, when in recent weeks the loss of a more fluid and constant flow occurs, it may be amniotic fluid, so you should consult your doctor. It can also occur around about 10 days before delivery, the bloody show, a sure sign that the birth of the baby is nearby.

Feminine hygiene tips

If during pregnancy, the increased flow is uncomfortable, we can use a salvaslip or wipes. What must never do is use tampons. Also should avoid douching because they can multiply the risks of infection. It is also advisable to avoid tight clothes too, and make better choices underwear cotton, and perfumed soaps or aerosol products. Two showers a day (morning and evening) are enough to feel more comfortable during pregnancy.

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