Tumor or cyst: discover the differences

Tumor or cyst: discover the differences. When we feel we have a package or one inflammation in some area of ​​the body where it should not be worry about, and often we put ourselves in thinking that the worst can be a malignant tumor. But this is not always the case, because although we can sometimes be right, can also be a benign tumor or a cyst, which is not the same. So it’s good to know differentiate and so learn more what we face when we found a lump in any area of ​​the body that should not be there.

For women, often we asuntamos us to palparnos chest and see that we have a lump, as quickly associate with breast cancer, but it is not always so, because it may be some benign alteration.

It is true that we have a tumor, but this may be benign, which is not necessarily bad, or a cyst. Today we are going to teach difference between tumor and cyst, which occur not only in the chest, but we can also arise in other parts of the body and need to know what we really face.

What is a tumor

A tumor is a disturbance of the tissues producing a increase from volume (We spoke so that we can notice lumps) and therefore an abnormal enlargement of a body part.

Just hearing the word tumor and the worst we put ourselves in thinking that what we suffer is very serious, but as we have said there are two types: benign and malignant.

tumors benign They do not pose a serious risk to our lives as the cells that comprise stay together and does not extend aggressively and invade other tissues, so it is removed and in most cases do not recur.

tumors malignant, however, they are carcinogenic and what happens to them is that cells grow rapidly and can damage and invade other tissues and organs causing metastasis.

What is a cyst

The cysts They are small Air bags or pouchesand, fluid or semi-solid material They generated in the body. These may be the result of a problem in the embryonic development during pregnancy or appear suddenly without a valid reason apparent.

cysts They may be dangers because they can affect tissues or organs and can closest disappear so spontaneous, by sewer system or intervening surgically, although these operations are usually not major, depending on where you are located and kind.

Good knowledge of these differences is not overly alarmed without reason, but most importantly to prevent such inflammations or health problem is the prevention, and we must realize ourselves yearly checkups.

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