Vaccine against tetanus: When put

Vaccine against tetanus when put. In principle, all people who are not vaccinated (unless allergic to any component of the drug or who have some kind of serious illness) should, as the vaccination at the age adult It is as important as in the infant stage to continue to protect our body infections. Tetanus vaccine is given in three doses over a period of one year, and it is important to manage booster every ten years.

Tetanus is a infectious disease whose main symptom is severe convulsive contractions muscles. The microorganism or bacterium (Clostridium tetani) that causes the infection is mainly found in the land of fields and gardens, in the dust of old objects and the iron rusty, and it enters the body through wounds deep or injured tissues. Its toxins attack the central nervous system.

When you put it? Input, we recommend that all adults are vaccinated. In the same way that vaccines included in the childhood immunization schedule protects our body during the early stages of our life (including tetanus), in adulthood it is important to keep that immunity and protect us from infections. Tetanus is, along with influenza, hepatitis, chicken pox, one of the recommended vaccines for adults. Furthermore, tetanus should be administered:

  • Adolescents and adults who have not been vaccinated or who have not completed the three levels stipulated.
  • For the first time vaccinated against tetanus as an adult, the booster dose should be administered twice, ie, ten and twenty years after the first dose.
  • It can be administered safely with other common vaccines, such as influenza or MMR.
  • In the case of travel abroad, it is recommended to be vaccinated against tetanus.
  • In the case of wounds and skin lesions caused by trauma (cuts, bruises or bites) and risk of infection. In addition to cleaning the wound, the best prevention is vaccination.

Tetanus vaccine forehead is applied in three dose, at intervals of between one month and six months between the first and second; and between six months and one year for the third dose. Ten years after the first dose, it is advisable to the memory. In addition, it is advisable to administer in the case of adult tetanus vaccine combined diphtheria.

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