Vaginal Gel: Products to prevent vaginal dryness

He vaginal gel, also called female lubricant, It is one of the products of the increasingly wide range of women’s intimate health hygiene and whose main effect is prevent vaginal dryness, a disorder that occurs mainly at the stage of menopause and can interfere with sexual intercourse. But the hormonal changes are not the only reasons that may be behind because prolonged periods stress, Unbalanced diets or certain diseases can also cause vaginal dryness. Declining levels estrogens, which influence the conditions of humidity, pH and composition of vaginal fluids and blood circulation of the vagina.

female lubricants types

Among the most effective products improving the conditions of the vaginal mucosa, and following the recommendations of the Spanish Association for the Study of Menopause they include:

Lubricants lipid nature

Vegetable oils high in unsaturated fatty acids, to be able to trap water therein, favoring hydration of the application area. These include the rosehip oil.


Natural products with moisturizing effect and leave no residue in the genital area.

Plant extracts with phytoestrogen effect

The phytoestrogens are compounds of plant origin and among which the isoflavones, present especially in soybeans and red clover. It is attributed a positive effect on dryness when topically administered.

Extracts with moisturizing and regenerating effect

Calendula, loosestrife, manzanilla&# 8230; are some of the medicinal plants used in topical pharmaceutical preparations for improving vaginal dryness.

Both in pharmacies and drugstores we can find a wide range of products in different formats, to relieve the discomfort that might cause vaginal dryness. Proven product as we selected in the gallery. If in doubt, always consult your doctor.

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