White flow before the rule: Is pregnancy?

    Leucorrhoea before the rule is very common among women and should not always worry. It is normal to occur under certain physiological conditions or during the gestation period being closely related to hormonal charging muejeres.

    From the outset, it should be noted that before alarmed, keep in mind that leucorrhoea is a physiological secretion that is produced before menstruation, ovulation or during pregnancy. If the flow is constant and thick, should consult a doctor because behind may be an infection.

    1. Normal during ovulation

    Secretion of white discharge does not have to be a problem because it is normal and natural and let us know, for example, of the imminent arrival of menstruation, that we are in the period of ovulation or that we pregnant. Yes, even normal should pay attention because, when it is constant, it can alert infection that should be treated. We speak of candidiasis, caused by the candida.

    2. White flow: What is it?

    The vaginal discharge, when changing tonality, You can alert us that something is wrong. However, when it is white it does not have to be, as we have seen, a problem. The flow plays a function important, which is none other than to protect genital areas and avoid contagion bacteria and fungi. White flow, a more or less gelatinous and thick mucus, may also come accompanied by some discomfort, such as itching in the intimate area, change of odor or discomfort.

    3. physiological reaction

    When the flow is weak, almost transparent and sticky, white losses are due to normal physiological reaction. Secretions are typical day before ovulation and menstrual cycle; In other words, symptoms fertility.

    4. White flow pregnant

    Similarly, these losses are white discharge one of the symptoms during the first months of pregnancy. A natural response of our body, at the beginning and during pregnancy, is to increase production flow to protect the uterus and, above all, the fetus from possible attacks of germs and other bacteria.

    5. ETS and Mushrooms

    It may also be the case that these losses respond to a health problem caused by the presence of a disease or ETS. Candida, for example, is an infection mycotic caused by a fungus (Candida albicans). It appears imbalance vaginal flora, due to factors such as stress, fatigue or health problems and thus the consequent weakening of the immune system. Antibiotics are often prescribed.

    6. Bacterial infection

    In addition to white flow, in case there is infection, other symptoms also appear as burning during urination or pain by keeping intimate relations couple. For accurate diagnosis of infection, it is necessary to perform a vaginal smear. If we notice any of these symptoms, it is very important to see a doctor to confirm or rule out that we are facing an infection, because untreated could entail complications for our health.

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