World Day Against Breast Cancer: Join the Pink

Breast cancer is the most frequent tumor in women. In fact, according to the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC), it is estimated that one out of every 8 women You will have breast cancer throughout their lives. More than 63,000 people suffer from this cancer every year. Figures on a date as the October 19, Day Against Breast Cancer, It reminds us of the importance of awareness society about prevention and early diagnosis as key weapons to win the battle against this tumor. Breast cancer is a disease serious, but it can be cured if detected early.

The origin of breast cancer is in the breast tissue and the abnormal and uncontrolled growth of cells of glandular epithelium. Cancer cells that can pass into the bloodstream and lymphatic vessels and reach other parts of the body (metastasize). Although it is true that they are the women the increased risk of developing this type of tumor (99%), 1% of cases happens in mens. Each year 22,000 new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed in Spain. Programs screening and progress in treatment has significantly improved median survival of breast cancer after five years, reaching 86% and in some types, above 90%.

early detection

The screening it is essential to increase the chance of cure. Hence the importance of paying attention to a series of tips that can help us detect this disease as early as possible. Tips provided to us as Dr. Iglesias, a specialist in surgical oncology at Vithas Montserrat Hospital, who stresses the importance of mammograms to be performed from a certain age-and taking into account the risk factors for each woman and self-examination. other precautionary measures which are also in our hands is to adopt healthy habits (take care of food and avoid snuff and alcohol). Among the risk factors must also take into account the Genetic heritage and overweight.

Warning Signs

Breast cancer in its early stages may be asymptomatic, although some may appear signals we should not underestimate at all, as the appearance of tumors or breast lumps; the change in shape, size or texture of the breast and nipple; Fluid draining nipple or retraction.

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